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Steak and a blowjob day. Yes! My favorite day of the year. A nice T-bone or Rib-eye and the best blowjob of the year.






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New movie “The Fate of the Furious” has hit movie theaters with a vengeance, breaking records everywhere. The movie includes an emotional tribute to the late Paul Walker. Car racing,

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In case you haven’t heard, Drake is by far the most popular rapper in the world. This Toronto (or “Six” as Drake calls it) born superstar just gets bigger and bigger.


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Nintendo Switch sales are rising and the company is very relieved. After a slow start the new Nintendo Switch product is starting to take off in a big way.

Now being carried by Toys R Us and Best Buy,

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Things are getting crazy in Cambodia. Apparently they have taken action against actress Denny Kwan for being “too sexy” for the cultural standards of Cambodia.

The government

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What is all this talk about a Blowjob Cafe? I can’t believe it but its actually true! There is such a thing as a Blowjob Cage lol.

This is a new trend that is spreading around the world. Of course

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Women flashing. Their boobs and sometimes more. Didn’t you love it when you met a new girl and you wanted to have some silly fun and you asked her to flash you in public? Ah yes, great times indeed.

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Who is Katie Price? Well, nothing more than a girl who rose from nothing to super stardom in Britain. And why did this happen?

There are two reasons. The first reason is that our girl, Katie Price,

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The hot American actress Jennifer Lawrence has been a naughty girl. After getting a little topsy, our girl Jennifer decided to do some stripping by riding the pole.

With a new movie coming out called

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