Selena Gomez – Hot Sexy Europop Superstar

Selena Gomez Topless
Selena Gomez Topless

Selena Gomez has grown into a very hot and sexy superstar. Her Europop themed music has landed this American singer’s albums in the Billboard #1 spot numerous times.

Selena Gomez is now one of the most sexiest girls on the planet. Her tight fitting clothes and high class makeup set her apart from the rest, not to mention that pretty baby face.

Speaking of being too sexy, Malaysian officials wanted the Selena Gomez tour cancelled. Why? Because her concerts would stoke the hedonistic culture among Malaysian youth. Who would have known?

Selena Gomez Sexy
Selena Gomez Sexy


Obsessed with the Talking Heads, the new Selena Gomez single “Bad Liar” pays homage to the Heads. This sexy, smart single has a simple bass line and keeps Selena ahead of the fucking curve.


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